Fine Art – by Terry Aley

09 Jun

You may not be able to see it in this smaller photo, but there is a bottle of Coke floating in the middle. Technically, since this is from a vintage advertisement, this art could fall under the “pop art” category. But I think it’s more fun to call it Pop Art because – it’s pop? Or soda art if you’re on the coasts. I wanted to paint in a different size, something more substantial in size. I couldn’t decide if I wanted this to be a strong vertical, or a strong horizontal. So I actually composed this so you could flip it vertically if you prefer. (Though the signature would be sideways. A note on the way I sign my paintings. It’s a long story, but I hate signing my own paintings. And a problem with many artists is that people can’t read the signatures for various reasons. When I’m buying art, it drives me crazy that I can’t tell who the artist is immediately much of the time. Since I’m often working with some collage elements, I actually print off my name in a white font reversed out of black. Purists will have a fit about this I’m sure. But I figure if they don’t like it, they can paint their own pictures.) This particular painting “Beyond Reality” is a mix of two full color bands sweeping across the front, with a duotone background (black and a teal green with some white outlines, I guess that would make it a tritone). I love combining contrasting colors, overloading with images and colors, along with sharp edges mixed with rough, decaying edges. All of the contrast creates a strong energy. Who wants a flat painting that visually sits there and sucks the life out of a room? 16″x40″ on canvas over stretcher boards.



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